Banana and Berry Yoghurt Pops

A perfect summer cooler

popsiclesNothing but natural goodness!


3 or 4 ripe bananas
300g natural or flavoured yoghurt
3-4 tbsps honey
Juice of half a lemon
A mixture of berries



1) This recipe is quickest made in a food processor, however if the kids want to play along and learn, then all you need is a large bowl, a potato masher and all the elbow grease they’ve got!
2) Purée the bananas until smooth, or left with just a little lump here and there is also fine.
3) Blend in the yoghurt, sugar and lemon juice.
4) Remove about half of the mixture and set aside in a bowl.
5) Place whichever berries you’re using into the processor along with the mixture and pulse until combined.
6) Note: if your’e doing this by hand, and you have time, berries that you have previously frozen in a dish and allowed to thaw will mix in perfectly…don’t forget to add all the juices that come out during the thawing process.
7) Loosely swirl the reserved yoghurt into the fruit mixture and fill your ice-pop mould. Somehow the random patterns that emerge on unveiling are more fun that uniformly coloured popsicles.

If you are using wooden sticks, wait until the pops are semi-frozen before inserting, otherwise they’ll fall over to one side.

To remove from the moulds, dip briefly into hot water.

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