Scottish blueberry season has arrived!

It’s here…it’s Scottish blueberry season and it’s here to stay until October/November. We have a group of 9 growers, some with 8 years experience, who all produce and hand-pick this super berry to ensure that only the best berries reach the supermarket shelves for you to enjoy at home. Our crops are grown under cover in Poly-tunnels, which helps protect them from the wind and rain, and extends the picking season. They are alsoblueberries grown in enriched soil with pine chippings to reduce the pH as they favour acidic soil.

Our berries are some of the most Northerly grown blueberries; varieties include Bluecrop, Brigitta, Aurora, and Liberty Blue. These healthy berries are only small but pack so many benefits; they are low in fat, high in Vitamin C and can even boost brain health. Why not try adding a sprinkling to your morning porridge or mixing into yoghurt for a convenient, powerful nutritional punch!!

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